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Testimonials from some of our customers.

Happy holidays....just wanted to send you an update on Zeus.  Thank you again for such a wonderful, gentle, intelligent, loving dog...we love him!  Please tell Zeus' mom and dad, happy holidays and that he loves them.

Maria Eagle, Troy, NY

Hi there!  Just an update Blaze is doing great so far and is so big already!  We named him Blue Passions Blazing Sky (and we call him Sky).  

  Blaze is the sweetest puppy, and he is so good I take him everywhere with me.  People constantly ask me where I got him!

Thanks again, Desiree Haas

Dear Ed and Erica,

Hello, how is everyone - good we hope. Its comming up on tangos first birthday,  just wanted to update on pictures. She is such a great dog. we love her so much. cant you tell?

p.s. she loves to swim in our pond, she is a great swimmer even jumps off of the dock.

Sincerely Mike, Diane, Sydney & Tango

hey erica and ed!!
well peanut is home and all is great, he is the sweetest dog i have ever had, he is very well behaved and listens all the time.
thanks so much, you guys really made me a beautiful lil pit and i love him so much.

kristin chambasian

Dear Ed and Erica,

Thank you so much for Ramses, He's been the greatest addition to my life. I take him everywhere with me, from the ocean to the hills to the mall and high-end stores in between. If they don't allow dogs then Ramses just wins them over and they let us stay, or they're too afraid to ask us to leave. He absolutely loves the dog park and other dogs. I'm really protective of him (not that he needs it), and have no patience for these idiots at the dog park with their pit bull stereotypes. Their crack head dogs are aggressive toward him, he generally doesn't retaliate, and when something goes down they point the finger at us. I've probably gotten into 3 or 4 fights at the dog park. Other than that, he's literally a minor celebrity in Newport Beach. I'm actually starting up a clothing line with a blue pit theme, part of the proceeds to go to the breed, or dogs generally.

Hope all is well.

Oliver Wright

Hi Guys,
Your guy is doing great and so smart. He is the hit where every I take him, People stop me and ask about him all the time. I have given a lot of people your web site name, to bad you do not have the business cards.
He loves everybody and everything. My girls still not thrilled with him but they deal with him. He wants to play with them but he does not understand their size.
He is so sweet and sometimes a hand full but I love him to death that sometimes he gets away with a lot. Sometimes I think I will overdose him with Love, He has so many toys, my hospital is located in Petsmart and He can't walk down any of the toy aisles because he knows that if he picks up a toy mommy with buy it for him.
He is in training class , the trainer loves him and he is doing great he learns so quickly.
He weighs 35 lbs as of 2 days ago, still on his vitamins and food you recommend.
Well I see that you found homes for all of your pups, that is great. I will be sending you a picture soon. He is growing in leaps and bounds.
I wish I owned a house I will get one of the pups due in august.
You guys are great and great breeders of the American pit bull, Dante would make you proud!
Thank God for you guys

Celeste & Dante

"HI"....just wanted to let you know that Mona weighed in tonight at 22.4 pounds, and is 13 1/2 inches in the shoulders from the floor up, also she responds to 5 voice commands and 4 hand commands, learns real fast, still very much a puppy full of play, I really think that by the time she is six months old she might very well be finished in voice and hand command training, I never worked with a dog that learned so fast, [superb breeding]. She got her second set of puppy shots at Petco without any hassle, and next Sunday she'll get her last set of shots. I'm pretty sure the vet tech told me that because of her breed she should also get her rabbies vaccine with her last puppy shots, have to see how true that is when I go there. Well, I won't keep you, just wanted to let you know how well she is doing, Mona thinks as fast as lighting and moves even faster  [ball of fire]....have attached two pictures that Annie took of  Mona just today.


Take Care..Annie, Mona, Michael.....

Hi Guys!
We just wanted to let you know that the little guy is adjusting to his home well, he fits in great! We just wanted to thank you guys for everything and let you know how much we love our new puppy!


Sincerely Mike and Jessica


We got alfie born october 21 2008 and we are so happy to have him he is the best dog we have ever owned. Just wanted to let you know that we thank you so much we enjoy him to the fullest degree.

Thank you


Erika & Dan

 HEY guys,

This is jason the one that bought conan a couple of years ago.
I`m just writing to let you know how he`s doing,he`s getting really big and really strong too and also to let you know he`s really spoiled aswell too because no matter what he has to sleep under the blankets at all times every night.
I do appreciate how you really care for what you do with your dogs because your dogs are truly beautiful.
To let you know more about conan when my wife is sitting at the desk he comes over and he wants her to pick him up which he wieghs 70lbs and he wants to sit in her lap and you do know he does get his way every day.



Jason Sprague


Thank you Eddie and Erica!

I can’t explain to you how happy your puppies have made us!!!To the rest of you who might read this...After our Staffordshire Terrier, Kaiko, of 16 yrs passed last year we were certain never to have another dog (let alone two!) And we were just browsing websites when we found Blue Passion Kennels.  We were immediately impressed with the information, their breeding philosophy and the overall pride and commitment they had in producing the best APBTs available. And yes we have proof!! So after speaking with Eddie countless times...(seriously I can't understand how patient this man is because we were calling every day and night for weeks!) I can only give the highest praise for him. We ended up buying both females from Shorsha and Rhajah. If you have any chance to take a puppy home from Blue Passion Kennels don't hesitate. The shipping to California was easy though we were worried about the long flight. Eddie took care of it all. Both girls have gotten perfect bills of health from our vet and we couldn't be happier. Our girls are the best. 

Rika Ishii-Price

Hey, been a long time, my name is Jordan, I've gotten 3 dogs from you guys, 2 for friends and 1 for myself, the beautiful soco who is the gorgeous pup that u have posted when u click on contact info, she is 11 years old now, still so full of life and energy if she didn't have greys you would think she was still a pup, I tried to post on the testimony, thank you guys, I still am in love with my dog, and enjoy everyday with her. She's getting up there in age, so I will be looking to get our family another dog soon. I would like to check out the dogs you got now. But for the Moment, thank you you guys have a great program. The best in my eyes
-Jordan herriman

Jordan Herriman

Thanks To These Wonderful Families Who Have Givin Our Babies Wonderful Homes.