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Why We Now Use NujointDs On Our Pups
The Reason We Use NuJoint As Well As Nuvet In All our Dogs and Puppies

   The Reason We Use NujointDS In Our Puppies & Dogs

American Pit Bull Terriers & American Bullies Are Very Strong Breeds, Their Muscle & Bones Grow Alot Faster then the Ligaments & Cartilage that Supports Them. When A Dog Takes Off At A Run it Explodes With All Its Might Simular to a Athlete And Dogs Under 2 Years Old Are At High Risk Of Tearing a Cruciate Ligament Due To Their Ligaments Not Being Fully Developed. 

This Happens More In The American Pitbull Terrier & American Bully Breeds Then Any Other Breed Due To The Sheer Strength These Breeds Contain.

Their Ligaments are Under Developed Compared To What You See On The Outside. They are Far Stronger Then What The Ligament and Cartilage Can Sustain. (Up The age of 2 Years old The Ligaments and Cartilage are Under Developed Compared To The Muscle And Bone.)

Natural Load: Dogs walk with their knees bent at all times. This means that the ACL ligament always is “loaded” ie. carrying weight. Whereas in humans we walk with force on our knees straight up and down. This is why in people we mostly see injury to the ACL in athletes who hyperextend the knee, for example football or basketball players.

Week-end Warrior Syndrome: This is what I call the plague of the domestic dog. Most dogs are natural athletes but due to our lifestyle and work schedules we dont give are dogs enough exercise on a regular basis. And then when we do allow them to be dogs and exercise more often than not we overdo it. Obviously lack of exercise means weaker muscle and weaker soft tissue ligament and therefore making them more prone to injury. The most common description of this injury is the dog was chasing a ball, squirrel, other dog and then the owner heard a Yelp and then dog came back into the house holding the leg up.

NuJointDs Not Only Helps Prevent This By Keeping The Joints Lubricated With Chondroitin, It Also Has MSM Which Reduces The Rigidity Of The Cells In The Soft Tissue (Ligaments & Cartilage) Which Reduces Cell Pressure Which Reduces Cartilage and Ligament Injury, It Also Has Glucosamine Which Helps Animals Synthesize New Cartilage To Heal.