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Breeders VS Shelters
The Good And Bad Of Both

This Section Is Specifically Added For Adopt Dont Shop Campaign People Who Like To Target Good Breeders Like US !!! And Is Still A Work In Progress.

Safety Before Pitbull Dogs

The Above Link Safety Before Pitbull Dogs Is A Link I Added Just For A Previous Customer Of Ours Sean Who Loves His Dog From us But Yet Tried To Post On Our Facebook Page "Adopt Don't Shop And That He Regrets Ever Buying a Dog When There Are So Many Shelter Dogs Out There And That My Dogs Are Not Any Better Then What You Can Get From The Shelter."

First Off My Pups Are 5th Generation Bloodline With Poster Size Pedigree's , What Does That Mean? It Means We Have Produced That Bloodline For Over 5 Generations. Which Guarantee's

A Direct line of descent; pedigree.

(Sociology) all the members of a family group over generations, esp regarding characteristics common to that group; pedigree

(usu. of animals) the line of descent; pedigree; strain.

Secondly All Hereditary Diseases Have Been Weened Out Of Our Line Over the Past 20 Years.

Third Our Pups Are Raised In A Loving Family Home With Tons Of Socialization And Training Starting At 4 Weeks Of Age.

I Can Go On But I Will Stop Here And Leave You With This !

From A Shelter You Know None Of This That is Why I Posted This Article Because in Over 20 Years Of Breeding We Have Taken Steps In Our Selective Breeding Program And Have Never Produced a Pup That Grew Up To Maul Anyone Or Anything.

When You Have Small Children Or Animals In Your Home Already, I Hope You Read The Article In The Link Above Before You Go GUNGHO and Run To The Nearest Shelter.

Whats Wrong With Adopt Dont Shop
Adopt Don't Shop
Breeders Vs Rescues

Yes, the problem lies with the general public who do not research and buy these pets without thoroughly thinking it through. Without doing their homework on the type of pet they should get, and without taking the time to learn what a dog really needs in order to be that perfect dog. They later "get rid" of their pet, passing them onto rescues or pounds. Later, most will end up "testing out" a different type of pet. The vast majority of people who adopt a puppy or kitten do not keep the animal for life. If this were to turn around and most people were to actually keep their pets through the good times and the bad, as they do their own children, the demand for these animals would go down.

Great Dog Breeder VS Rescue
PuppyLeaks Rescue VS Breeder Debate

Good breeders do the proper health screenings, love their breed, screen their adopters & aren’t out to make a quick buck. They’re committed to the dogs they’ve fallen in love with, and what’s the problem with that? We’ve all had favorite dogs, and for many of us a certain breed will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Adoption Vs Breeders
Buying A Puppy
Truth About Responsible Breeders
Breeders VS Puppy Mills
Puppy Mills

These Are The Type Of People You Should Be Targeting , You Should Not Be Targeting People Like Our Kennel Who Make Sure Their Babies Go To Forever Family Homes That Are Screened and Asked Multiple Questions As Well As Regular Updates On Each Pup As It Grows !!!

Thank You All For Your Time If You Actually Read This And Not Just LIstened to Some Uneducated Person From an Adopt Dont Shop Donation Party.