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Importance of Spay/Neuter
All Pure Breed Kennels Should Have a Spay Neuter Policy Like Ours

While There is Many Health Reasons that Benefit the Dog From Spaying & Neutering , There is Many Other Reasons Why We Mandate It In Our Contracts. Some People Try To Say We Do It To Preserve Our Bloodlines, Which Is True In Some Sense But We Also Do It Because We Breed Very Powerful Dogs And Spaying And Neutering Helps Reduce Aggression Towards Other Animals. We Breed To Perfect Our Breed And Do It Out Of Love Of The Breed.

Also It Helps Reduce The Population Problems Affecting Shelters Everywhere. Lets Face It People Make Mistakes, Say Your Dog Is in Your Yard playing While In Heat, Males Can Smell A Female In Heat Up To 5 Miles Away, That Is Going to Bring Every Male Who Isn't Fixed To Your Yard With-In That Radius. Now If You Think A Fence Will Stop Them From Getting to Her Or Your Male Getting Out To find A Female You Are Sadly Mistaken. My Dogs Can Clear a 6' Fence From A Standstill. And When This Situation Occurs Most People Think Its Easy To Sell Pups Cheap To Get Them Gone And Don't Care Who Then The Cycle Begins And More Of These Types Of Pups End Up In Shelters Or As Bait Dogs For Dog Fighting People.

In Over 20 Years Of Breeding Only One Of Our Dogs Ever Ended Up In A Shelter And That Was Only For A Few Days And It Was Back In Its Home. How Do We Make Sure Our Pups Don't End Up There?

First In Our Contracts We Always Take Our Pups/Dogs Back If The Owner Cant Keep Them Anymore That Has Happened 1 Time As well A Lady Bought A Pup And Ended Up Getting Very Sick She Called Us From The Hospital Telling Us Of Her Situation And We Re-Homed Her Pup The Next Day To Another Of Our Customers.

Second, Information About Everything, Do They Own Their Own Home ? Is The Yard Fenced In? Have You Ever Owned A Pitbull? We Ask A Ton Of Questions Before We Even Take A Deposit, We Also Turn Down Over 40 People Per Litter As Well, Why Do We Turn Them Down? They Either Want To Breed Or They Live In An Area Where We Know A Pitbull Cannot Thrive And Be Happy Such As NYC Or Any Other Big City Where They Will be Restricted In Exercise and Domain Wise. We Can Not Stress The Importance Of Background Checks And Screening Of Those Who Are Purchasing a Puppy.

Third Socialization With Our Big Dogs, Once Our Pups Are Weaned From Their Mothers At 4 Weeks Old We Start Letting Them Out With 5 or 6 Of Our Older Dogs. The Older Dogs Teach Them Potty Training Going In And Out Of The House Every 20 Mins By A Follow The Leader Type Training Program. We Do This From 8 am Until 8pm Every 20 Minutes The Pups Only Get Locked Up To eat @ 12pm And 4pm For 20 Minutes Then Back Out With The Older Dogs To Continue Their Training. This Makes It Easier To Adjust In Their Future Home But Knowing How To Interact With Older Dogs and Kids As Well as Where To Go Potty. This Makes A Pup Less Likely To End Up In A Shelter Too.

I Can Go On And On But These Are Only A Few Of The Things We Do For Our Pups, We Feel ALL Breeders Should Have A Spay/Neuter Policy Intact As It Would Greatly Reduce the Pure Breed Dogs Ending up In Shelters As Well As Reduce Back Yard Breeders Who's Pups Usually End Up Flooding The Over Worked Shelters Like The One I Volunteer At.

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We Suggest Spaying And Neutering Between The Ages Of 4 & 5 Months Old For The Best Results For Your New and Loving Companion.


Thank You For Taking Your Time To Read This Section And Gaining More Information For Your Loving companion.